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What is the difference between lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick and chapstick?

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What's the difference between lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick and chapstick

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Lipstick and lip stain, both are equivalent to each other in that they color the lips. The main difference between both these cosmetic products is that lipstick is of solid form, whereas lip stain is of liquid form or gel form…. Dermatologists say you should read the lip balm ingredients label before you start buying into a bad habit.

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brighteyes [ Editor ]

Lip Gloss - is basically something that can make your lips shine. They can be colored and usually have some sparkle to it. Usually are scented too. This is best used, if you want to make your lips look juicier.

Lip Balms have the extra ingredients to heal and protect lips.(usually are transparent) Also much more likely to be scented.

Lipstick is opaque and is your basic lip coloring option. There are also lip stains and lip tints, which last a lot longer.

Chapstick is just a brand of a lip balm.

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