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What can I do to prevent myself from slipping while wearing shoes with really smooth bottoms?

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Anyone ever get a shoe like that, especially heels and sandals, that have such smooth surfaces that slipping and falling is very likely? What do you do about those shoes?

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Most shoe stores sell rubber sticky things to put on the bottom of slick shoes,a couple of bucks is much better than a twisted ankle or worse,I use them on any slick bottom shoe.

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Go out and wear them while walking on cement or rough blacktop. Grind the shoe into the ground, make sure the sole gets scratched up.

This won't help much if you're walking on ice, but should be sufficient to handle most normal walking surfaces.

I actually have this issue with leather bottomed dance shoes quite often. They're so slick when I first get them that my lead can push me across the floor; it's hard for me to stop myself from sliding.

If they are leather on the bottom, the quick fix is a bit of water, it'll temporarily stop them completely from sliding.

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