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Should you wash your hair every day? Every 3 days? Every two weeks? How often should you do it?

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Seems like there is conflicting advice on this, what do you guys think?

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ruby_29 [ Editor ]

It really depends on the condition of your hair. If you have normal hair, wash 2-3 times a week. If you have oily hair, wash it every other day.

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I used to wash my hair every day, it was very oily. I'm sensitive to sodium laurel sulfide and sulfite, so had a hard time finding shampoos that didn't irritate my scalp.

I decided to give no poo a try. This is a movement away from shampoo. Some people use baking soda, vinegar, or both, some people use nothing.

I didn't really think it would work for me, but was feeling frugal and tired of spending a lot of money on fancy shampoo that I'm not allergic to. It took about a month of oily hair for the oil balance in my scalp to normalize - my hair stopped being oily.

After a lot of experimenting, I've found that a dab of my bodywash scrubbed into the scalp when my hair is actually dirty (like after a workout) works very well. Other days, I either use a hot water rinse - adding nothing - or a bit of conditioner, depending on how dry it feels. My hair is no longer oily unless I go without a hot rinse for 2-3 days. If the ends feel dry before I shower, I run a boar bristle brush through it, which distributes the oil evenly along the hair shaft.

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ashley_87 [ Moderator ]

It is all about your hair type and how dirty it gets. Find a shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair type, and if you color it and use a lot of heat, chemicals, etc., you should find a combo meant for hair that takes that kind of stress, as well as a good conditioning treatment to use about once a week. I have oily hair, but I found a shampoo that cleans and strips it out the excess oil pretty well. That way, I can control the moisture levels with conditioner and the natural oils as they come back in. A good, honest haircare professional can give you a good recommendation for your hair, but keep in mind that they are often trying to sell products. Dying your hair or getting highlights will make it less oily because it damages the hair itself, and the oil absorbs in better. What it really comes down to is trial and error with your hair type and the products you use/are willing to use.

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