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Can you wear khaki pants with a light blue shirt?

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Every time I dress in khaki pants with a light blue shirt, my wife disagrees. I see a lot of people wearing this combination. Is it done or not done?

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ruth_55 [ Editor ]

I think the beauty of khakis is that they go with everything. Certainly it is done. I think this combo is probably a major casual or corporate casual essential in a man's wardrobe. I don't know what kind of shirt you are talking about (button down, polo or denim) but one of my personal favorites is khaki with light blue denim.

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joyce knighting mcdaniel

Most definitely. There are a lot of jobs in my area that are requiring their employees to dress in khakis and light blue shirts. One is my son and he likes it a lot.

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jason g. [ Editor ]

Usually the khaki and light blue dress shirt look is associated with a work uniform or a catholic school uniform. You're right, they pair up very nicely but don't be surprised if you are asked for help at a Best Buy or something haha.

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