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Best clothing styles for overweight men?

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What types of clothes make heavier-set guys look stylish and distinguished while helping to streamline their appearance? I'm thinking color, pattern, shirt/jacket style and length, etc. I know there are "big and tall" retailers; I'd like specific guidance as to what look to shoot for and what basic clothing selection principles to follow.

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Larger men look really nice in properly fitted shirts and pants with jackets. Doesn't have to be a suit jacket, just something to carry the eye down from the shoulder to the waist. If you can afford a good fitted suit, get one to wear when you go out - even to a bar or club. People will be impressed at your sense of style, and you'll feel very confident.

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Thank you, Liz, that’s helpful.

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I would go with pants that fit extremely well first off. You can go into the big and tall stores, or just about any mens store and they can help you find the right size. Then, if they don't have anything you like or in your price range, you at least have somewhere to start. For shirts, if you're looking for a Polo or collared shirt, go with something that fits good, for example, just a tad loose so it doesn't apprear stretched. For the jacket, again, the big and tall stores can help you find the appropriate size/style. As far as length, I would go with something that fits well, but doesn't look baggy and I know that will be hard to find. Hope this helps.

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A good tailor can make anyone stylish. When my husband was overweight, he used to get so frustrated because he felt that everything he wore look frumpy. that was until I suggested he go to a tailor to get his clothes properly fitted to his frame. His clothes used to fit like a tent on him, we took his dress shirts to the tailor and had them tapered to fit his arm length also to narrow his pants and sides of his jackets. Once he did that, he was getting complements on his clothes all the time. He also shops at the urban men stores, they tend to carry trendy clothes in larger sizes. I hope this helps

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